4 Reasons to Choose Coral Gables


When you need a hospital, you want the chosen facility to be one that cares about your health just as much as you do. You want great doctors who know as much information about caring for you as possible, and you want to be treated as if you are important. There are many hospitals in the area, but many prefer the services offered at coral gables hospital to the rest. It is possible that you will feel the very same way about this hospital. Here’s four reasons you might want to use this facility instead of the rest.

  1. Your Health Matters

It is the hospital motto, and one that each person on staff adheres by. You are more than a patient at this hospital; you are a person and keeping your health up to par is essential. At Coral Gables, this is easy. The hospital is the only one in Miami-Dade County to be certified in both total knee and hip replacement.

  1. Amazing Doctors

The doctors working at a hospital usually impact if the care you receive is worthwhile. Another benefit offered at this medical facility is a team of highly trained doctors who can help you alleviate any problems you’re experiencing.

  1. Exceptional Growth

Coral Gables opened its doors in 1926. At this time, the hospital had only 35 beds. Fast forward to 2017, and now the 235-bed hospital has grown considerably in its time. In order to grow, you must be providing great care. There is your proof.

  1. Quality Emergency Care

Stop trying to find a good emergency care facility, and make Coral Gables your ER of choice. Shot wait times, speedy service, and quality care are just a few of the things that make this ER one of the best.